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We do all of our printing and binding in-house, and we can bind the four most popular binding types. Complete control of the binding process means that we guarantee a professionally bound book every time. There are quite specific reasons for choosing each binding type. Learn the benefits of each and decide which style will best suit your book.

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  • Perfect Bound (paperback)
  • Staple Bound
  • Square Back Book Bound
  • Coil Bound

With perfect bound books the cover and pages are held together using a strong adhesive.

Why Choose Perfect Binding?

  • Paperback books are the most popular books in book stores
  • Provides a professional finish and is the standard for most novels.
  • A more cost effective method of binding than hardback.
  • Easier to read, and manage yet a very durable product

Used mostly by our Teachers Customers.

As the final book product is very easy to handle and durable – many of our customers (teachers and lecturers) are using this Product to effectively bind their Notes

Perfect For:

  • Novels
  • Poetry Collections
  • Children's books

Paper is stapled and folded to create a staple bound document.

Why Choose Staple Bound?

  • Creates a durable, flexible document.
  • Cost effective method of binding.
  • Allows pages to be opened fully folded the 'other' way for ease of use.

Perfect For:

  • Informational booklets and brochures
  • Newsletters and magazines
  • Staff handbooks

Why Choose Square Back Book Bound?

  • Squareback books give the look and feel of a perfect bound book with the inline efficiency and low cost of saddle stitched books. If your business has stayed away from professional looking binding because of the cost, square back binding is your answer.
  • Square back binding is an affordable solution in-between saddle stitching and perfect binding, offering the security of a saddle stitched spine with the improved appearance of a perfect bound square spine. Add a level of sophistication and polish to your printed projects without the price tag of perfect binding.

A plastic coil is wound through both covers and every page to bind the book together.

Why Choose Staple Bound?

  • Books can be opened 360 degrees and be placed flat on a surface.
  • Coils are incredibly durable, making them perfect for books that will be used frequently.
  • Works brilliantly for books of all sizes.

Perfect For:

  • Staff handbooks and training manuals.
  • Recipe and cookery books.

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