Business-wise, digital wallpaper is particularly interesting as well because it requires no stock. Ideal for short runs, digital enables you to print no more than needed for a single order or project and still make a profit.

With digital printing, wallpaper designers no longer have to repeat patterns every so many inches. This breaking out of the box of repeats is exciting to say the least, as it makes anything possible. High-resolution photo wallpaper and large-scale designs are no longer an issue, and, since digital printing requires no rollers, digital wallpaper can have any color imaginable. What’s more, color gradients without hard lines are now possible, too.

We digitally print images onto all sizes of wall covering material from a selection of thousands of licensed images. We have a vast selection of images you can choose from, or you can opt for a custom-made artwork. We can also transform your own photo or artwork into a mural, or you can let our team of design professionals create an exclusive design for you. We can create what you can imagine.

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