Printed window graphics are an impactful form of advertising, reaching a high target audience. Large window stickers provide companies with the perfect opportunity to maximize advertising space, displaying amazing full color images to passing customers.

windows stickers

Clear vs. white

• Clear decals have a transparent background that maintains visibility into your shop and makes the design or message look like part of the glass. Some things to consider with this option are the lighting and color scheme of your space.

• White decals have a white background that can help with legibility, no matter what’s behind them or what kind of lighting you have.

Inside vs. outside glass

• Inside-glass (second surface) decals have printing on the cling side, and are viewed from the opposite side of the glass. They’re protected from weather, but viewable to anyone walking by.

• Outside-glass (first surface) decals cling on the back and are viewed on the surface that they’re applied to.