Printing Dome - Le Bureau is an established Digital Printing Outlet and has been in the printing business for over 15 years.

It is a family run business and thus we work in a very friendly and relaxed environment. Very passionate about our work and we do so with great care and dedication. Therefore we are able to offer a quality product at a lower cost and proud of our reliability.

For us no job is too small or too big. We take on the challenge every time.

We specialize mostly in digital printing like business cards, flyers, menus, personalized posters and cards, calendars. We also print on t-shirts, mugs and key rings. Do digital printing on magnetic material, nano tech printing, signs, and banners. We print thesis books and photo books and obviously we do the usual binding, lamination, copying and so much more.

We are equipped with the latest model of Konica Minolta, Develop and Xerox machines.

We use exclusively high quality digital paper which makes the finished product even more attractive. Besides the importance of the quality of the machine that is being used we believe that the material that we use makes a big difference on the finished product. Therefore we are always fully stocked with a high variety of different paper. Both equipment and finishing paper play a great part in the finishing and quality of the product that’s why we insist on the quality and quantity of our finishing material.

Nowadays companies should print digital as in the long run it’s cheaper and they can print only the quantity they need without any extra printing. It also gives companies the ability to react immediately to the constant evolving changes in the market. Printing is done quickly and most of the time we offer same day service. Finally the marketing campaign is made more easy and effective.

high quality product